Sustainable Crown Hill 4th Annual Green Halloween

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Square Dancing

Sustainable Crown Hill 4th Annual Green Halloween Dance Party

On October 30, kids and adults enjoyed an evening of dining, dancing, and hunting for inedible treasure to celebrate Halloween at the Crown Hill Activity Center.  The wet, miserable weather pushed the fun indoors but didn’t dampen spirits.  The lively music from Glenn Dudley, Jerry Berger, and Suzanne Giardot coupled with calling from Sherry Nevins got everyone off their feet moving in space.  Thanks to several rock club members from the North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club the lucky party goers scoured the darkened halls for 12 rock specimens (petrified wood limbs, chunks of obsidian from Oregon, nephrite, grossular, jaspagate chunks, polished beach agates from Whidbey Island, olivine samples from the Nooksack River, amethyst, quartz crystals, and calcite beauties, thundereggs and pumice).

Maybe we’ll see YOU next year!

Hallowe’en Hoedown 2010

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Sustainable Crown Hill Presents a Green Halloween Event

Hallowe’en Hoedown 2010

Saturday, October 30
5:30 – 7:30 PM
Crown Hill Activity Center
9250 14th Ave NW

Sustainable Crown Hill and the North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club have teamed up with local musicians and caller Sherry Nevins to create an all ages costume dance followed by a flashlight treasure hunt for rocks (obsidian, petrified wood, geodes…)

  • Potluck Meal at 5:30 PM – finger foods, leave the nuts at home!
  • Old Time Family Dance 6:00 to 7:00 PM
  • Flashlight Treasure Hunt 7:00 to 7:30 PM
Sustainable Crown Hill supports waste reduction (bring plates, cups, utensils)
Suggested Donation: $2 per person/ $5 per family

Don’t forget your flashlight, costume, and dancing shoes!

Meeting Notes from 4-11-2010

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Important Dates:

April 17 – Carkeek Park storm drain painting – How did it go???

April 24 – Help Green CH:  Meet in the Petco Parking lot at 9:00 AM.  Trash detail, graffiti painting, exercise.

April 28 – Crown Hill Park Meeting from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at Crown Hill Center.  Update the park plan – the fire station will be moving out soon – let’s make a great park.  FINALLY!!

May 15 – Crown Hill Neighbors Annual Meeting.  Elections. Jim Diers, special guest.

Crown Hill Neighbors received a grant from Department of Neighbors to work on the Tree survey project!!  An arborist from the UW will help to create a map and interesting walk.

Next Meeting: May 9 (Mother’s Day) from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.  Potluck meal from 5:00 to 5:30 PM.  Break-out sessions from 5:30 to 7:00 PM – baking bread and drop spindle spinning.

Sustainable Meeting Notes 10 January 2010

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1. Parks Opportunity Fund
Online submission – over 150 submissions for the initial letter of intent more information at:
2. Journey Church – Community Garden
- the area is being converted to garden space
- cost to be covered by donation
3. Westin-Price Foundation  had a presentation on Traditional Cooking and Food
- More information can be found at:
4. A Series of Permaculture classes will be taught by Jenny Pell & Marcia Arbuck  will be starting Om Culture Studio.
Classes cost $$$
5. Master Composter classes are starting at Seattle Tilth. Applications are due February 28th. More information at:
6. Create Community through Garden and Food.  Mark M. and Bob W. are putting this together. It is an opportunity to share the bounty from our gardens with neighbors that don’t have gardens or access to fresh garden produce.  More information next meeting.

New Business
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Small Canadian town outlaws lawn & garden pesticides

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Check out the details of this new film, A Chemical Reaction, to be viewed on Sat. Feb 20…hosted by Seattle Tilth and COOL.  Event details are at the bottom of this post.

COOL (the Coalition of Organic Landscape Professionals and Seattle Tilth ( are presenting the compelling documentary “A Chemical Reaction” as part of an afternoon event at Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland on Saturday, February 20th, from 2-6pm. The event will also feature keynote speaker Paul Tukey, the nationally-known gardening host who is the executive producer and narrator of the film. Tukey is also the founder of the regional gardening magazine “People, Places & Plants”, author of best-seller The Organic Lawn Care Manual, and founder of, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting natural lawn care and grounds maintenance. The event will feature displays and resources from The Garden Hotline and several other environmental organizations, books for sale, refreshments, and a question-and-answer session and book-signing with Paul Tukey after the movie screening. Proceeds from this event will be contributed to

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A Tale of Two Flours

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With all the bigger-is-better, too-big-to-fail, merger mania that has swept the country in the last, say, 25 to 50 years, we have lost knowledge of where our food comes from. Many of these large companies don’t want you to know, and don’t want to be burdened with the requisite record keeping to let you know. After all they may not know the exact source and composition of the grain fed to those cows, and which feed lot the cow was at before a piece of its flesh arrived on a white styrofoam tray encased in plastic wrap. The concept of traceability is something many of the food mega-conglomerates would rather not encourage.

Stone-Buhr / Shepherd's Grain Flour

Stone-Buhr / Shepherd's Grain Flour

I often attempt to buy at least some of my food from trace-able sources, and this is often not easy to accomplish. Mega-stores like Whole Foods are probably no better, and it could be argued are actually complicit in the attempts to reduce traceability and consumer knowledge of food sources and composition. Many so called organic products are actually distributed and packaged by some of the largest agricultural entities in the world. Just look at the organic spinach fiasco from 2 years ago propagated by some of the biggest food companies. All you have to do is look at who owns who and you realize that real spinach grew in the ground and needs to have the dirt and sand washed off in a sink.  It doesn’t come pre-washed, in little plastic bags pumped full of just the right amount of inert nitrogen and product, then shipped from the Salinas Valley in California to Washington state via Texas. Similarly the peanut butter fiasco of a couple of years ago doesn’t lend any feeling of a safe or trace-able food chain … even companies like locally owned Cougar Mountain cookies were misinformed about the provenance of the peanut butter they were purchasing.

A few years ago, I tried to alter at least some of my buying habits to enhance my knowledge of the products I was purchasing, and the companies that made them, and the chain down to the farmer level. As at least some of you know, I make bread, and lots of it. A natural place to start, no?

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More Help From City Fruit

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City Fruit offers a series of fruit tree care classes starting in January 2010. Register at Brown Paper Tickets (links from or send a check with the name of the class and your contact information to City Fruit, PO Box 28577, Seattle 98118.  After registering, you will receive confirmation and the address of the class. If you can’t afford a class but really want to learn, email us at The Phinney Neighborhood Association serves as City Fruit’s fiscal sponsor and is the co-sponsor of these events.

Feb 6 Fruit Varieties for the Pacific NW . 1 – 3 pm.  UW Botanic Gardens.  $20/$15 (members). Sam Benowitz is the owner of Raintree Nursery, a nursery specializing in fruit trees and other edibles. Whether it’s plums, apples, pears, or berries, Sam knows what varieties do best in any particular situation. He will discuss the best fruits for the Northwest, why rootstocks are important, and how to determine how big a tree will grow.

Feb 20 The Art of Espalier. 1 – 4:30 pm. UW Botanic Gardens. $30/$25 (members). Dave Conners, former president of the Seattle Tree Fruit Society, has been training 18 different antique apple varieties on his city-sized lot for more than a decade and has been teaching “The Art of Espalier” at the UW’s Center for Urban horticulture for many years.

Mar 6 Pruning Grape Vines 9 am – noon. Phinney Neighborhood Association and neighboring site with grape vines. $20/$15 (members). Learn to prune and train grape vines and get tips on growing grapes for best production. Larry Davis is a Master Gardener and teaches grape and other fruit production classes for the WSU-King County Master Gardener program.

Mar 20 Planting and Caring for Young Fruit Trees 10 am – noon. Orca School Environmental Learning Center. $20/$15 (members). Find out how and where to plant your new fruit tree and how to keep it healthy. John Reardon, vice president of the Seattle Tree Fruit Society, teaches tree care classes for Plant Amnesty, Seattle Tree Fruit Society and City Fruit.

Fruit tree care classes are also offered by the following organizations. See the City Fruit Calendar at, or their websites for details.

Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle

Friends of Piper’s Orchard

Seattle Tilth

Seattle Tree Fruit Society

Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation

Tree Pruning Class by City Fruit

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Fruit Tree Pruning Class

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Offered by City Fruit

Location: Phinney Ridge

10 am – noon

$20/$15 (City Fruit members)

Pruning your fruit tree will improve its health, productivity and appearance. This beginner’s class covers the basics, including pruning tools, reasons for pruning a fruit tree and basic techniques. Instructor Ingela Wanerstrand, Green Darner Garden Design, specializes in edible garden design and coaching and has been pruning fruit trees professionally for 14 years.

Register at or send a check with the name and date of the class and your contact information to City Fruit, PO Box 28577, Seattle 98118. After registering, you will receive confirmation and the address of the class. If you can’t afford a class but really want to learn, email us

First Ever – Sustainable Crown Hill Holiday Craft Event

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Come join us for an evening of sustainable holiday crafting Sunday, December 13 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at Crown Hill School in Room 4.  Potluck event from 5:00 -5:30 PM – bring your own eating utensils, plates and cups.

We’ll make Bottle Cap Jewelry, Paper Sack Gift Tags, Stamped Cards, and Collages.

If you have any miscellaneous crafting supplies you’d like to contribute, we can use everything (stamps, stamp pads, markers, scissors, paper, magazines, glue, acrylic paint, watercolor paints, paint brushes, bottle caps, paper garbage sacks, newspaper, crayons, yarn).

November Meeting Notes

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Meeting Notes – 15 November 2009
Facilitator: Bert

Upcoming Events:

Thanksgiving Salmon Walk (3rd Annual)
Saturday 28 November 10 AM
Meet at the old oak on the Corner of 13th Ave and 95th Street NW. We will walk to Carkeek Park. Doug will provide information about restoration of the salmon habitat and Carkeek Park. Continue Reading »

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