A small group of adults and children met on 100th Street at 14th on Wednesday with our easels and art supplies and “drew what we loved.”   That was the suggestion by Obadinah, a Crown Hill artist who lives on Mary Ave NW. (If you want to see her amazing work, check out her website at www.obadinah.com).   It was a remarkable hour – first, in my ability to turn off my inner critic for the first time ever while “doing art,” and second, for the great fun it was to try my hand at drawing under the gentle eye of Obadinah, who says that there is no such thing as making mistakes in art.    (Very freeing indeed, given the trauma I experienced in art classes throughout my formative years.)     Not only that, we were all surprised at the number of people walking up and down 100th.  Many stopped to talk and many drivers slowed down to discern what the heck we were doing.

It was so much fun, we decided to meet every Wednesday from 10-11am. Join us!   Call me (Carol) at 789-8693 to confirm that we will be meeting, and to find out where on 100th we will be meeting.   Please consider wearing something very “visual”…..bright colors or a hat….anything to catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians.

Posted by Carol Barber