Elephant Garlic ScapeNow that Juneuary is finally over, the tomatoes have begun pushing beyond the confines of their cages, and the profusion of blossoms of the last few weeks have begun to set fruit. The elephant garlic flowers (scapes) are now over my head, and the hardneck and softneck garlic plants are yellowing, beckoning a harvest. The bean tendrils have just reached the bottom rung of their hastily constructed trellises (about a foot off the ground) and well beyond the reach of the slugs and towhees which hampered their early growth. It seems the plants in our little garden change each time we walk out, elongating reaching for sun and warmth, changing color, ultimately closer to our kitchen.

Roma Tomatoes

This year’s veggie garden includes pole beans, tomatoes (taxi, early girl, roma, black varieties), basil, strawberries, garlic, elephant garlic, and lots of volunteer pumpkins from the cold compost pile. We also have sage and rosemary to round out the herb production. Our pole apple we planted this year is beset with aphids (http://www.backyardnature.net/aphid_lc.htm) on the terminal tender leaves, but the predacious lady bugs have arrived to hopefully quash the green interlopers.

With eight tomato plants and lots of fruit already set, we’re looking forward to many weeks of fresh tomatoes for us, and a few canning sessions to put some aside for the long wait until the first tomatoes of next season (we still have one jar left from last year’s seventeen).

Bean tendril