Movie night this month night featured a local potluck before the main act. Fun and adventure, no rules, just sharing what we’ve learned. It was mid-July right? We should be getting WA state fruits and veggies in our local stores (or at least something from Eastern WA) Carol B was surprised to find most of the veggies whe wanted to top her ‘zucchini’ pizza at the PCC trucked in from California. Too late in the day for the University Farmers’ Market, she headed back to PCC for some Beechers Handmade Cheese. She enthused “… the montery jack was soft but held together- not crumbly, and that it gave a bit as I grated it.” She urged everyone to give it a try.

Carol K & Doug brought a new (at least to me) dessert they made with raspberries and blueberries picked that afternoon in their garden. Can’t beat homegrown for local. The fruit bakes in the middle between the top and bottom layers of a cake like batter. The dessert’s called Jay’s Clafloutie. The fruit plays the leading role in this not too sweet dessert. I’m adding clafloutie to my list of favorite fresh fruit desserts. Others include buckles, slumps, grunts, as well as the old standards: crisps, crips, cobblers, and pies. Oh and here is another one, pandowdy. I believe we have New Englanders to thank for many of names*.

Back to the potluck. Dennis and I had better luck at the Central Market for local Washington State produce. I learned Bingen, WA is down the road from White Salmon and across the Columbia River from Hood River. It is also the home of Dickey Farms–source of the green beans we cooked up with some fresh garlic from our garden.

Dennis picked up Golden Raspberries from Sterino Farms from Fife, WA for the raspberry sorbet. He sweetened it with Silverbow Honey now based in Moses Lake (originally west of the Cascades). Silverbow’s a Washington label since early 1900′s. They process much of the honey from beehives used to pollinate our state’s tree fruit orchards.

Then Carol B’s neighbor dropped of some salad greens from his garden and along with greens Carol and Doug brought over we topped of the meal with a Crown Hill Salad.

Hope you can join us next time!

*From the The King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion (The best baking cookbook I’ve ever used):

  • buckle = streusel and fruit topped coffee cake. In the oven, the two cups of fruit sink while the batter rises. It “buckles” as it cooks.
  • grunt or slump = dumpling affair – no chicken, just biscuit dough dropped into simmering fruit and sugar.
  • pandowdy = No experience here, just a description from a cookbook. A fruit custard baked in a pie shell. After it is out of the oven, the cook “dowdies” the pie by breaking up the crusts (top and bottom) and mixing pieces into filling. Somehow the pieces of crust stay crisp. hmmm.