Host: Carol Barber
Attendees: Carol Barber, Kit and Dennis Galvin, Jen Smith, Gary Schneider (St. Louis), Danielle, Michael and Mathias, Bert Hopkins, Martin and Myra Adams

1/10/09 – Urban Crop Circle organizing event at Arboretum to see winter gardens. Meet at 9:45 AM @ Loyal Heights to car pool

2/26/09 – CHNA is hosting Tim Gallagher’s presentation on Pacific Coast Trail presentation and slideshow. 7:00 PM @ Abundant Life Church

03/09 – Seattle Green Show. Danielle looking for others who want to volunteer. Jen Smith is interested.

We spent most of the meeting thinking back over the year and a half that we have been together and reviewing where we have been and where we want to go. Following is a list of projects that we have completed, are ongoing, or are in process.

• Walkable Crown Hill (initiative between Sustainable CH and CHNA) completed tool kit
• Traffic circles on Mary and 12th
• Speed humps on Mary and 14th (complete)
• Speed humps on Mary and 92nd (applied for)
• Block parties on both Mary and 12th.

Special Events
• 2nd Annual Spring Celebration
• 2nd Annual Halloween event
• Green cleaning products class
• Bag making sessions
• Soap making class
• Thanksgiving weekend walk to Carkeek Park with special focus on Salmon run
• Movie nights / local food eating / political discussions
• 2nd Annual Fruit Harvest
• Kitchen Party
• Gorilla Planting (tulips @ corner of 13th and 95th)
• Compost demo (Cheryl)
• Fruit Pruning Demo with several applying what they learned on own fruit trees

Barn Building
• Cobbing events
• Tree removal
• Obadina plant salvage

• Website developed
• Newsletter

• Crown Hill Neighborhood Association
• North Seattle Lapidary & Gems
• Scallops
• Sustainable Ballard
• Department of Neighborhoods
• Department of Transportation
• Abundant Life Church
• Neighbors!!

Bert posed the question….what do people feel passionate about in terms of future direction. Here is what came out.
• Acquisition of land/buildings
• Guerilla planting (vacant properties)
• Traffic circle planting
• Solar cooking
• Solar fruit drying
• Perm culture training (Bert has taught classes and would be interested in doing same for CH neighbors)
• Baking Classes
• Salad table making (Martin has hardware cloth that he would donate)
• Sheet mulching
• Vegetable gardening / canning
• Farmer boys’ classes
• Bumble bee boxes
• Mason bee boxes
• Bat boxes
• Knowledge share
• Skill share
• Tool share
• Music making / sing along/ recorder group

• Need to keep track of attendance at meetings / events to quantify our success in reaching neighbors
• Need training on how to update website
• Bert to write letters to neighbors who have unused fruit trees to see if they would let SCH prune them and harvest them in the fall and donate to our fruit harvest program

Prepared by Jen Smith 206-898-0191