SCH Meeting Notes from 4-26-09

From this point forward, each meeting will have a host, facilitator and note taker. These jobs will rotate from month to month so that we all have the opportunity to be more active members of the group and to share the burden of responsibility more equitably.

Job Duties:

Host – emails the announcement that meeting is coming up, provides the meeting space

Facilitator – runs the meeting

Note Taker – takes notes and posts them or emails to someone else to post


May 9 – CHNA Annual Meeting, 10 am – 12 pm Community Groups and Parks and Rec will have presentations. Temporary firehouse is being constructed.

May 12 – New Park and Levy Green Space Meeting for North Seattle from 7:00 to 8:30 PM at Greenlake Community Center


Mid-June – Michael and Danielle will plan a softball event for the group.

August – Mary Deadenders will plan a WCH charette wrap up event

Updates on CH News:

Crown Hill Park and Building – the City took possession of the park on March 20. Still waiting for building. Gilbert and Sullivan are gearing up to move in.

Walkable Crown Hill – SDOT has approved another traffic circle for 92nd and Mary to be installed May or this upcoming fall. Also, 4 speed humps will be installed between 92nd and 95th – two on Mary, two on 14th

Mary DeadEnd is planning a streetscape with planter boxes and a redo of the right-of-way from 14th to Mary.

Dennis reported that small projects submitted to city may include repair of small section of foot path along 100th. With planned Rapid Ride, there may be more upgrades.

Rapid Ride is coming to Crown Hill – The #15 bus will no longer meander through Blue Ridge, instead take 100th down the hill to 7th and turn around. 3 levels of stops will be created: 1) Terminal Stops with arrival times, 2) Transit Bulbs, 3) Signs.


Permaculture – Bert will organize

Solar – Martin will organize solar heating, Michael will show PV

Gardening – Danielle will teach a composting class in July. Doug will teach native plants and invasive plant removal, dates TBD.

Work Party Garden – Lanae, Kit and Carol K will organize

June Meeting: June 6, Permaculture, part 2 (Bert)

Host: Bert

Facilitator: Carol K

Note Taker – TBD