Thank you Martin and Mira for hosting the our Sustainable Meeting 2 months in a row. Our meal had a few theme ingredients avocados, potatoes, and salad. Yumm.


>Kitchen Party at the Galvin’s 5 PM. Bring food, songs, poems, stories, Full announcement later.


1. Reviewed and explored the the list of guilds, topics, and areas of interest from the last meeting. We focusd on the activities that people showed and interest in leading. There was a lot of interest in having workshops-sharing information lead by Sustainable folks or possibly others. Discussed how we can look at the neighborhood as a whole, and not just each individual property (for example energy systems.)

Built Environment:

Solar Energy: Martin (lead), Dennis, and Michael

>look at solar collectors for hot water – options for Crown Hill

Skills bank:

>Martin (lead) – Dennis and Martin to set up a Wiki on the website.

>Doug provided a consultation on native plants for gardens


suggestions were made for the following in addition to the skills bank Wiki

- recipe Wiki

- calendar for events

Urban Gardening:

Permaculture – Bert (lead)

Many people are interested in permaculture. The typical permaculture class can be 2 weeks long and include theory as well as designing a project, so Bert proposed to lead a couple of workshops on the design principles of permaculture this spring and then over the next couple of years people can offer workshops on different topics. These topics many that we have been talking about and include composting, planting food gardens and fruit trees, perennials, harvest preservation (drying etc), solar, water systems, and energy efficiency

The 2 design workshops will be before our next two sustainable meetings. Proposed was time 3-7 for the workshops, and 7-8 for the sustainable meeting.

Also discussed childcare options so parents of small kids could attend including, hiring someone to provide childcare and donating to the cost. Decided to leave it open, people can email Bert about childcare needs and what can be worked out.

Next steps

> Bert to put together an announcement regarding the workshops. The announce will include a brief description of permaculture and something about childcare.

>Dates April 26 and June 7. Location to be finalized.

>Bert to identify some reading in preparation for one/both meetings.