Crown Hill Sustainable Group—Meeting Notes for 6-7-09

I Announcements of Upcoming Events

1. June 13th —Solar energy workshop on photovoltaic’s offered by SPU being held at Carkeek Park environmental education center.

2. June 13th —Fundraising walkathon organized by Seattle Teen Challenge.

3. June 14th —Game night and potluck at the Journey Church from 4-8 pm. Bring games to play and potluck dish.

4. June 15th —7-8:30 PM Safety meeting at Journey Church to discuss crime, graffiti, and other problems in neighborhood.

5. July 18th—Fruit tree pruning workshop sponsored by Seattle Fruit Tree Society from 11:30-3 being held at Carkeek Park environmental education center; there is a cost to this workshop

6. July 25th—Crown Hill garage sale.

7. Every Sunday—Bike ride to Ballard farmers market organized by Carol Barber.

8. Free horse manure with truck delivery can be arranged from People Helping Horses. Carol Kennedy will be posting the contact information.

II Celebration Updates

1. June 28th—Softball game at Crown Hill School little league field. Starts at 3pm with potluck afterward, organized by Danielle.

2. Sometime in August—Mary Avenue dead-enders will invite all to celebrate the first grant project to come out of Walkable Crown Hill’s Pedestrian Plan. This initial grant will cover planter boxes and improvements to the stairway at 103nd St. between Mary Ave. NW and 14th Ave NW.

III Neighborhood News

1. Traffic circle being installed at 92nd St. and Mary Avenue. The planting of traffic circle at 95th St. and 13th Avenue has been delayed until the fall.

2. Block parties can be arranged anytime between June 15 and September 30 without having to acquire and pay for a permit. Contacting the City (SDOT) at least one week in advance for a street closure.

3. Metro Rapid Ride program is coming to 15th Avenue and 100th St. soon, so there will be improvements to accommodate bus stops and pedestrian paths.

4. City of Seattle Pedestrian Plan has recently been updated and can be viewed on-line.

IV Permaculture Workshops

1. Sheet Composting workshop being taught by Danielle in July. This workshop will be combined with a work project to assist Kit and Dennis in preparing part of their back yard for more gardening/ landscaping.

2. Solar system workshop offered by Martin and Michael in early August.

3. Solar fruit drying workshop offered in September or October.

4. Native plant landscape design workshop offered by Doug in October or November.

Next meeting on July 26 :

Carol Kennedy’s and Doug Gresham’s.

937 NW 96th St.

Seattle, WA 98117


Facilitator to be determined