I have an 18 lb spool of  1/16″, white, 100% cotton cording, which is basically, string.  I would be glad to share this with anyone who would like some.  Suggestions? – we are using it for our pole beans.  Use it if you do any sewing projects requiring cording.  Art projects.  Have your kids roll it up in smaller bundles and sell as a fund raiser.

How I came by this spool (and there are more spools for the asking):

The deliverer of compost for you gardeners, works at a well known local manufacturer of pillows and comforters. (Names are withheld in case someone cares about this.) They are now having their cording done in China.  She took 5 of these spools out of the garbage.  Each spool is probably 50 lifetimes supply of string.

Just give me a call- there is plenty to go around.

Carol K.  206-781-4858