Sustainable Crown Hill Meeting

July 26, 2009

I. Announcements

  1. Feathers for composting: Carol Kennedy can get 50 pound bags of goose down feathers that can be used for composting; feathers are about 14% nitrogen.
  2. 18 lb spools of 100% cotton cording/ string: Holly Nilson, who has been delivering the horse manure, has 2-3 spools left to be given away.
  3. Horse manure compost: discussion about concerns that the manure compost from the horse rescue could toughen veggies, adds weeds, and takes away nitrogen from the soil due to the wood chips.  It was discussed that green beans are possibly toughened due to the intense sun, that the amount of weeds depends on the load of manure, and a lot of wood chips will pull nitrogen from the soil – so be sure to procure a highly composted load.
  4. Deadline for Small and Simple Grant:  CHN is applying for tree survey grant for landmark and historic trees.  Deadline is August 31st.  There is a meeting with the Dept of Neighborhoods on August 3rd.
  5. Block Parties on August 4th
  6. Celebrate the purchase of the Crown Hill School: August 16th, 4 PM
  7. KCBS, community based radio station is moving away from being community based
  8. August 6th, encouragement for people to attend the neighborhood planning meeting put on by the Seattle Planning Commission on August 6th
  9. Sheet composting workshop at Kit and Dennis’s house, lead by Danielle, Saturday, August 8th, 9-12


A. Meeting Location

Danielle called and suggested that we use the  new    Crown Hill community center as a meeting place for future meetings. Pros and Cons were discussed:

Pros:  More inviting for new people

Cons: Money needed to rent space; Hot in summer

Jean Davis said that she would follow up with the new building manager to find out if “in kind” volunteer work would satisfy the financial fees for room rental.

It was discussed that every other meeting could be at the community center and every other in someone’s home

B. Fruit Gleaning

  1. Bert will call people that have been willing to donate fruit in the past and will set up days for possible fruit harvest
  2. Workshops- schedules discussed
    1. August: Michael and Martin on Solar heat
    2. September: Solar Fruit Drying: Michael
    3. October/ November: Doug on Native Plants and appropriate trees for urban environment

Next Meeting:

September 13, 2009

Jean Davis

8744 21st Ave. NW

Sustainable Crown Hill Meeting

July 26, 2009