Meeting Notes – 15 November 2009
Facilitator: Bert

Upcoming Events:

Thanksgiving Salmon Walk (3rd Annual)
Saturday 28 November 10 AM
Meet at the old oak on the Corner of 13th Ave and 95th Street NW. We will walk to Carkeek Park. Doug will provide information about restoration of the salmon habitat and Carkeek Park.

Holiday Card Making Party
In lieu of a December meeting, Danielle has proposed a holiday card making party. More information later.

Next Regular meeting

Sunday 10 January 2009
Room 4 Crown Hill Center
5 PM Potluck 5:30 – 7 PM meeting
Facilitator: Danielle

Celebration of 2009: a busy and successful year:

  • Halloween Party
  • Table at the November Arts Festival
  • Crown Hill Center and Park Purchase
  • Speed bumps on Mary and 14th Avenues
  • Traffic circle at Mary and 92nd
  • Fruit gleaning for food banks
  • Permaculture workshops (2)
  • Sheet Mulching workshop
  • Native Plant Workshop
  • Soap classes
  • Kitchen party
  • Movie nights
  • Moving meetings in the CH Center
  • And best of all many meetings with wonderful food and neighbors

Activities continuing into 2010 (and beyond)

Permaculture: Additional workshops to be planned for the winter. They will be in the Sunday Afternoon before the Sustainable meeting, as we did this Spring. More information will be forth coming. Actions:

  • Bert to hold a couple more workshops that include background principles etc.
  • Martin still planning on the solar workshop

Fruit Gleaning and Tree Pruning: There are many old fruit trees in CH where the fruit is not being used by the owners. These trees need pruning. Some Sustainable CH neighbors took a fruit tree pruning workshop a couple of years ago. The general plan is to identify potential fruit trees this fall (while they have leaves), leave a flyer at the door with information about the pruning and gleaning project. The trees can be pruned this winter and then harvest next summer and fall.

  • Lanae to make a new flyer up in a PDF and distribute to the sustainable list.
  • Lanae and Bert are the contacts for the project
  • People available for pruning include: Dennis, Kit, Frank, Doug, Carol, Mira, Martin, Stephanie, and Eric (If I missed your name, let me know.)

Street Painting Project: The time to apply for a grant is in April 2009 for a summer project, so now is a good time to start talking with neighbors to lay the ground work. It is now possible to paint streets between intersections and not just the intersection!! One idea possible location is on 95th between 13th and 14th. The 12th Ave neighbors are interested in doing a street painting this year. More than one painting could be included in a single grant. Actions:

  • Doug to take a lead to get things going for 12th Ave
  • Frank to have a party to bring neighbors together for 12th Ave

Mary Dead End (north of 100th) Traffic Calming: In follow up to the Walkable Crown Hill Project, a group of Mary Avenue neighbors submitted a grant for traffic calming on Mary Ave and stairs on the 103rd right-of-way. At this time the group is working with the city on the details of the street calming. The stairs are on hold.

Community Garden: Lanae and Jason are converting some land on Journey Church property (92th and 11th) into a community garden. Volunteers welcome.

Park Planning: After the Fire Department has moved out the planning and construction of the park can take place. The fire department is scheduled to move out of their temporary quarters in August 2010. While there is the Levy money in place for building the park, proposed city cutbacks for the Parks Departments may delay the planning of the implementation. Discussed that since the initial park design sustainability is more in the forefront. Decided that proactively Sustainable CH could come up with sustainable ideas or concepts that we felt were important for including in the park. Various ideas (general and more specific) were put forward including, using recycled materials, solar and wind power for lighting, p-patch or community garden.

Mobile Pizza Oven: One neighbor is interested in building a mobile pizza oven in 2010!!

Updates, general announcements, and misc.

Rapid Ride: It is on Schedule for 2012. The proposed rapid ride line D will replace the 15 and and run North on 15th East on 100th and turn around near the QFC. More details as the come available.

Holman Median Project: People in both CHNA and Sustainable CH are working toward a plan having medians and turning lanes along 15th and Holman. This is to both make it safer for crossing the street and beautify the area.
Ryan McFarland of CHNA is leading this effort.

Power Pool and Traffic Light control boxes: Apparently Seattle city light as a process for painting the boxes that hold the controls for traffic lights. Crown Hill Business Association is looking into this as well has painting power poles along the pedestrian corridor.

Notes by Kit Galvin. Additions or corrections please email