Sustainable Crown Hill Meeting Notes
11 October 2009


Significant Tree Program

- grant has been submitted by CHNA to Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods

- Go to to  tell about your favorite CH tree or trees.

Sat Nov 7.  Crown Hill Arts festival  6:30 PM- Art Walk
- Find out about local community groups
- Dance performances including Irish, Flamenco, and Ballet
- Beer Garden and music
- Instant Beer Cellar Raffle
- Day Care

Missing mail
- some neighbors have had mail stolen
- locking mail boxes available at and Home Depot

Discussed High School reassignment plan
- The new boundary for Ballard High is now 85th.  North of that will be going to Ingram.
Speed bumps & traffic circles
- Speed bumps on Mary are working out
- City has a new arborist for the traffic circle
- Overall the traffic has slowed down with the traffic circle and speed bumps.

Planting with native plants.
- Doub G.  will be leading a 1 hour workshop at his house. It will include a tour of his the native plantings in his yard (took place in October)

Up coming Celebrations
Art Fair (see above)
>Dennis and Danielle: Info table information
>Lanae – Sustainable CH Flyer – Advertises successes including workshops
Halloween celebration – 24 October 6-8 PM at outside Crown Hill Center
Advertising needed
>Lanae – flyer, send out to sustainable list and CHN Newsnotes
>Dennis and Danielle work out how to have an RSVP for the email announcement

Future Activities
Fruit harvest

Discussed many different possiblities for CH and what other neighborhoods are doing.  Phinney has a grant to set up a program and pay for a coordinator.  They had a lot of success this year and looking for ways for the program to be self sustiaining.  Lanae is using the Lettuce Link flyer on her own and picking when people contacted her.  Bert brought up that we could identify a few (~3) trees that need pruning, provide the pruning in the winter and then come back to pick in the fall. To have a full program we would need to have a coordinator – either volunter or paid (through grants possibly?).  This is a big job. Decided that for now we would keep it small and informal in CH based on individuals identifying trees and contacting residents.  Several sustainable folks volunteered for the following
> Bert take the lead on 3 trees for pruning and harvesting
>Advertising: Dennis, Lanaie, Doug, and Michael.
>Look for trees: Danielle, Lanae, and Annie

Canning Workshop
Discussed holding a canning workshop.  King County Ag was teaching an canning class, a special event with Canning Across America (Check out their website  Discussed putting on a canning workshop.  We could bring in the King County Ag person. Possible locations with Kitchens, including Greenwood Senior Center and Whitman School.

Next Sustainable Meeting: Sunday 8 November 2009 at Crown Hill Center Room 4.
>Reserve room – key: Danielle
>Facilitator: Bert

Future Meetings will be held on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Crown Hill Center. Same format 5-5:30 potluck 5:30 – 7pm meeting.