Meeting Notes from 4-11-2010

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Important Dates:

April 17 – Carkeek Park storm drain painting – How did it go???

April 24 – Help Green CH:  Meet in the Petco Parking lot at 9:00 AM.  Trash detail, graffiti painting, exercise.

April 28 – Crown Hill Park Meeting from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at Crown Hill Center.  Update the park plan – the fire station will be moving out soon – let’s make a great park.  FINALLY!!

May 15 – Crown Hill Neighbors Annual Meeting.  Elections. Jim Diers, special guest.

Crown Hill Neighbors received a grant from Department of Neighbors to work on the Tree survey project!!  An arborist from the UW will help to create a map and interesting walk.

Next Meeting: May 9 (Mother’s Day) from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.  Potluck meal from 5:00 to 5:30 PM.  Break-out sessions from 5:30 to 7:00 PM – baking bread and drop spindle spinning.

Sustainable Meeting Notes 10 January 2010

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1. Parks Opportunity Fund
Online submission – over 150 submissions for the initial letter of intent more information at:
2. Journey Church – Community Garden
- the area is being converted to garden space
- cost to be covered by donation
3. Westin-Price Foundation  had a presentation on Traditional Cooking and Food
- More information can be found at:
4. A Series of Permaculture classes will be taught by Jenny Pell & Marcia Arbuck  will be starting Om Culture Studio.
Classes cost $$$
5. Master Composter classes are starting at Seattle Tilth. Applications are due February 28th. More information at:
6. Create Community through Garden and Food.  Mark M. and Bob W. are putting this together. It is an opportunity to share the bounty from our gardens with neighbors that don’t have gardens or access to fresh garden produce.  More information next meeting.

New Business
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November Meeting Notes

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Meeting Notes – 15 November 2009
Facilitator: Bert

Upcoming Events:

Thanksgiving Salmon Walk (3rd Annual)
Saturday 28 November 10 AM
Meet at the old oak on the Corner of 13th Ave and 95th Street NW. We will walk to Carkeek Park. Doug will provide information about restoration of the salmon habitat and Carkeek Park. Continue Reading »

October Meeting Notes

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Sustainable Crown Hill Meeting Notes
11 October 2009


Significant Tree Program

- grant has been submitted by CHNA to Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods

- Go to to  tell about your favorite CH tree or trees. Continue Reading »

Sustainable Crown Hill Meeting Minutes

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Sustainable Crown Hill Mtg. Minutes
Meeting held September 13, 5-7pm at Jean Davis’ house


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Sustainable Crown Hill Minutes, 7/26/2009

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Sustainable Crown Hill Meeting

July 26, 2009

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Sustainable Crown Hill Minutes: 6/7/2009

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Crown Hill Sustainable Group—Meeting Notes for 6-7-09

I Announcements of Upcoming Events

1. June 13th —Solar energy workshop on photovoltaic’s offered by SPU being held at Carkeek Park environmental education center.

2. June 13th —Fundraising walkathon organized by Seattle Teen Challenge.

3. June 14th —Game night and potluck at the Journey Church from 4-8 pm. Bring games to play and potluck dish.

4. June 15th —7-8:30 PM Safety meeting at Journey Church to discuss crime, graffiti, and other problems in neighborhood.

5. July 18th—Fruit tree pruning workshop sponsored by Seattle Fruit Tree Society from 11:30-3 being held at Carkeek Park environmental education center; there is a cost to this workshop

6. July 25th—Crown Hill garage sale.

7. Every Sunday—Bike ride to Ballard farmers market organized by Carol Barber.

8. Free horse manure with truck delivery can be arranged from People Helping Horses. Carol Kennedy will be posting the contact information.

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Minutes from April 26, 2009 SCH Meeting

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SCH Meeting Notes from 4-26-09

From this point forward, each meeting will have a host, facilitator and note taker. These jobs will rotate from month to month so that we all have the opportunity to be more active members of the group and to share the burden of responsibility more equitably.

Job Duties:

Host – emails the announcement that meeting is coming up, provides the meeting space

Facilitator – runs the meeting

Note Taker – takes notes and posts them or emails to someone else to post


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Minutes from March 29 mtg

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Thank you Martin and Mira for hosting the our Sustainable Meeting 2 months in a row. Our meal had a few theme ingredients avocados, potatoes, and salad. Yumm.


>Kitchen Party at the Galvin’s 5 PM. Bring food, songs, poems, stories, Full announcement later.

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SDOT Street Painting Class, 1/31/2009

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Sponsored by SDOT

Jan. 31, 2008


Erik Higbee:, community organizer behind street painting at 49th and Burke discussed: 1. Process of involving community; 2. Process of designing paintint; 3. How to implement (paint) the design

Jane Rebelowski:, SDOT civil engineer specialists discussed SDOT’s regulations, scope of assistance, and time frames

Brian Dougherty: discussed other funding

Jennifer Britton: discussed Dept of Neighborhood funding

Crown Hill attendees: Carol Kennedy & Doug Gresham

There is no “one” way to build community, but Erik Higbee recommended Placemaking Guide Book by City Repair (Portland). He said it is about the process more than the end product.

May need to start with other activities, such as tree planting, block parties, to initiate getting neighbors together.

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