SDOT Street Painting Class, 1/31/2009

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Sponsored by SDOT

Jan. 31, 2008


Erik Higbee:, community organizer behind street painting at 49th and Burke discussed: 1. Process of involving community; 2. Process of designing paintint; 3. How to implement (paint) the design

Jane Rebelowski:, SDOT civil engineer specialists discussed SDOT’s regulations, scope of assistance, and time frames

Brian Dougherty: discussed other funding

Jennifer Britton: discussed Dept of Neighborhood funding

Crown Hill attendees: Carol Kennedy & Doug Gresham

There is no “one” way to build community, but Erik Higbee recommended Placemaking Guide Book by City Repair (Portland). He said it is about the process more than the end product.

May need to start with other activities, such as tree planting, block parties, to initiate getting neighbors together.

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2nd Design Charrette for Pedestrian Planning: Sat. July 12

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Design Charrette # 2

Saturday July 12
9:30am – 12:00pm (followed by a community lunch)
Abundant Life Christian Fellowship
9204 11th Ave NW

For more information about the design charrettes, go to

100th Street Scribbling

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Neighbors gathered again on 100th St NW at 13th on Wed. July 2 and dabbled in our sketchbooks.   But you don’t need a sketchbook.  I used newsprint and an ordinary #2 pencil.  You don’t need expensive art materials to scribble and bibble.

We will meet again next Wed. July 9 from 10-11am.  Look for us out on 100th!

We will try to gather every Wed. at this same time of 10-11am.

100th Street Action: Art Lessons with Obadinah!!

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A small group of adults and children met on 100th Street at 14th on Wednesday with our easels and art supplies and “drew what we loved.”   That was the suggestion by Obadinah, a Crown Hill artist who lives on Mary Ave NW. (If you want to see her amazing work, check out her website at   It was a remarkable hour – first, in my ability to turn off my inner critic for the first time ever while “doing art,” and second, for the great fun it was to try my hand at drawing under the gentle eye of Obadinah, who says that there is no such thing as making mistakes in art.    (Very freeing indeed, given the trauma I experienced in art classes throughout my formative years.)     Not only that, we were all surprised at the number of people walking up and down 100th.  Many stopped to talk and many drivers slowed down to discern what the heck we were doing.

It was so much fun, we decided to meet every Wednesday from 10-11am. Join us!   Call me (Carol) at 789-8693 to confirm that we will be meeting, and to find out where on 100th we will be meeting.   Please consider wearing something very “visual”…..bright colors or a hat….anything to catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians.

Posted by Carol Barber

100th Street Gorillas forms after neighborhood gathering

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On Sunday, June 15th, a group of about 15 people from Crown Hill who live north of Holman (NoHo) met at Carol Barber’s house as an opportunity to meet each other and to share concerns and ideas about how we could act to calm traffic and at the same time create a stronger sense of community.   One of the outcomes of that meeting was the informal formation of a handful of people interested in engaging in some fun activities on 100th that might, in turn, impact driving speeds on 100th.   For further information, contact Carol at 789-8693.